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Here is were you can watch and listen to the greatest drumers ever i hope you enjoy it very much as I would !
I am sorry to say there is an slight problem with the joey drum solo , it will not play properly so you have to let it run all the way then play it from the begining , but to prevent the cause of ruining the vidio take the sound of and dont look at the vidio untill  it is fixed
Sorry ! enjoy the rest of the vidios!
I am very sorry to say that the drum solo's may not work sometimes ass they jump's, if that happens just leave it to finish and after if u play it back it should be fine so enjoy!

Joey Slipknot Drummer
To See Him Live With A Drum Solo Click Link!!

click here to play video

Keith Moon
For Keith Moon's Drum Solo Click Link!!

Click here For Keith Moon Solo!

Foo Fighters- All my life

System Of A Down - Arials

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